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"Something" needs to change - there's a Life Coach for that!

We all get there at some point.  We've been putting ourselves on 'hold' to focus on family or career. Or, you're in your 40s or 50s and still trying to figure out what to be 'when you grow up.'   

 Does the thought of making a change make you nervous? Then, GOOD, you're in the right place! 

You can have the job, the relationships, the body, the LIFE that you have been dreaming of! 

  What working with a Life Coach gives you...

  • Freedom from being held in place by old mindsets and beliefs
  • Elation from taking action
  • Gratitude at not being judged
  • Questions to your outdated answers

I partner with adults who want to take a step forward.  

  • Get your dream job or create a plan to exit the corporate world
  • Feel confident and vibrant
  • Build relationships and connect with what is important to you
  • Open up to possibility and hope 

What Is Life Coaching?

What is LIfe Coaching?

Life Coaching Is Like Putting On New Glasses

Working with a Life Coach is like getting your first pair of eyeglasses.  You may not have even realized how blurry things had been until suddenly - as if putting on new glasses - your vision becomes so much more clear!  Or, maybe you are completely aware of the fuzzy confusion you're in and therefore can't see which direction will get you to where you want to go.  As your Life Coach, together we will get your vision clear on what it is that you want to create, implement, or change, and chart a path with the right strategy and actions to get you there.

Coaching is not counseling.  Life Coaching provides high-level support, curated information, targeted action, and accountability. Moving from fuzzy or cluttered thinking to focused and clear action; discovering your "inner wiring" and how to live in the way you were created to be. 

In order to get the most from working with me as your Life Coach, you have to really want to upgrade your personal or professional life. This means you are "coachable" or, open and ready to employ change.  How much you participate in our program reflects how much you will get out of it. Your desire must be meaningful and important to you.  You will have specific actions following each session, and your progress depends on your willingness to participate in the activity.

See your path more clearly with  Life Coaching

See your path more clearly with Life Coaching

What My Clients Have to Say

An Amazing Coach


  “Susan is an amazing coach. She will help you reach whatever goal you are moving towards by keeping your eyes focused on that goal at all times.”  

- Christine A.

Skill and Compassion


"My time with Susan had a tremendous influence in my life, my health, my interactions with others.  Susan's skill and compassion are something I hold dear and I'll always be grateful for Susan in my life."

- Fran M.

Helped me realize my potential


 "Susan is not just a wonderful life coach... she is also an amazing person who truly cares about your well being. She helped me realize my potential while I felt stuck in a career that I did not have a passion for. Susan and I conducted a plan and strategy to achieve my goal of transitioning into a career that I actually enjoy. I am so happy and I am forever grateful!"

- Mike R.

Passionate about what she does


  “Susan is an amazing life coach. She is passionate about what she does. She has great tips. ”  

- Peggy H.

Wonderful Things


 " Susan is an amazing life coach. She was able to remind me of all the talents God has given me and has helped me to be able to put them in place to do wonderful things in my life. I am forever grateful for her insight and her awesome ability to motivate me." 

- Denise R.

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